The best boat gadgets


The best boat gadgets are the ones that make your time on the water more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gadgets to help you enjoy a fun and safe boating season.

Digital Inflatable PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

This inflatable PFD can be stored in a pocket or on a clip inside your life jacket, so it’s always available when needed. 

The bright color makes it easy to locate in case you fall overboard or get separated from your boat.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

You need more emergency signaling devices when you’re out on the water. 

This EPIRB transmits a signal that alerts search and rescue personnel to your location if you use it while in distress on the water. It’s compact and lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go.

Fishing rod holster

Fishing rod holsters are a great way to keep your fishing rods organized, safe and accessible. The holster will keep the rod in place when reeling in a fish or letting it go for another day. 

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This allows you to have one hand free for other things like taking pictures, keeping an eye on your line, or even just being able to eat your lunch.

Portable dock light

Portable dock lights are a great way to illuminate your boat’s dock, especially if you’re docking in a secluded area. 

These lights require feature built-in solar panels that charge up during the day so they can be used at night. The solar panels also make them weatherproof, durable, and ideal for use on boats or docks.


It’s no secret that food and drinks can spoil quickly on a boat. Even if you’re not going far, it’s smart to have a cold storage system.

The best coolers are large enough to hold the volume of food and drinks you’ll need for your trip but small enough to fit into your boat’s limited space—and also durable enough to resist damage when knocked around by waves or rough weather. 

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Hydration bundle

A hydration bundle is the best way to ensure you stay properly hydrated.

The hydration backpack comes with some sort of bladder, which stores the water inside your bag until you’re ready to drink. 

These bladders are usually made of durable plastic and come in different sizes depending on how much liquid capacity you need.

Safety light

The safety light is one of your most important boat gadgets. It’s a must, and it’s also a good investment. You can use your safety light in many situations for many purposes. 

For example, if you’re sailing or fishing at night with no moonlight or streetlights, the safety light will help other boaters see where you are.

Waterproof Digital Camera

Bringing a camera on a boating trip is always a good idea — especially if you’re taking kids along for the ride.

 This waterproof digital camera features image stabilization for clear photos even when your subject isn’t completely still, as well as an auto mode that makes it easy for anyone to capture images without worrying about settings.

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Boat gadgets are all about convenience, safety, and having fun. They’re small devices that make your boating experience better and more enjoyable. 

You can find boat gadgets that help you keep track of your boat while you’re away from it and others that will keep your hands free while sailing.


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