4 Best Tech Gifts for the Super Rich

Best Tech Gift Ideas for the Super Rich

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It is always a struggle to try to find a gift for the person who has everything.

Imagine what it is like to find tech gifts for the super rich.

It’s probably impossible to find a good gift for a person who has everything and a million or two in the bank.

Tech Gifts for the Super Rich Friend

The struggles for the current purchase of the richest 1% have led luxury goods companies to devise a range of “exceptional experience” technological gifts that are “always indulgent” and, of course, very extravagant.

The following are some of the technological gifts for your super rich friend:

Robotic Bartender

The robotic bartender is the adult version of that new type of touchscreen soda fountain that has appeared in restaurants of varying reputations. It mixes cocktails based on established recipes and customizations designated by the user. It can hold 16 bottles of 750 ml of any alcohol you stock it together with, along with12 mixers, so it is not as if you were limited to three cocktails with two ingredients each. Stock it well and you can get shitfaced on the old fashion at the touch of a button. Or you can put your head under the nozzle and get the drink injected directly into the mouth.

Emperor XT

The XT Emperor is a kind of futuristic capsule of a working environment where everything is designed as the turret positions in the Millennium Falcon. The monitors are secured to an arm that hangs over the chair and ergonomically designed tables, the speakers are integrated into the capsule according to the design you choose when you design your Emperor for the first time, and the LED lights come out of everything. Everything is customizable, so if you do not like the black screen model, just change it. You can do it as flashy or as low as you want.

Sony 4K Ultra HD

If you’re in the market for the cutting edge, Sony’s 4K Ultra HD set might be just the gift for your super rich friend living room. This 84-inch TV screen has 8 million pixels and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, which comes with technology that can improve the resolution of HD (and lower) signals. That’s good because, in reality, there’s still not much content recorded in 4K. It also has an integrated system of 10-way speakers and two units that simulates 5.1 sound, supports 3D viewing and can connect to the Internet. For players, it makes SimulView, which eliminates the need for split screen games. It presents two separate Full HD images, which allows two players wearing special glasses to play at the same time.

Hasselblad Luxury Camera

If your super rich friend is a serious shooter, it’s worth looking at the H4D camera series from luxury camera maker Hasselblad. One of the models, the H4D-60, has a 60-megapixel sensor of 40 x 54 mm with an 80 mm lens and a bright three-inch screen. Other models include an H4D-40 co-branded model with Ferrari, so your super rich friend camera can match their expensive wheels.

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