Must Have Snowboard Gadgets

Any skier or snowboarder will know the pain of having to put wet socks or boots back on because hanging them on the radiator didn’t give them time to dry.

An air boot dryer is an essential gift that many skiers and snowboarders don’t know how to live without.

Phoozy Insulated Laptop Case

Another amazing item from Phoozy that I used a lot last season is their tablet/laptop case. Living in San Francisco means that when I want to hit the slopes, I have to take a road trip to Tahoe. And if the dust comes mid-week, I take my laptop with me and probably do some work from my car or from the resort lodge. As such, it is imperative that my battery not die from the cold. I used to wrap my computer in a sleeping bag and hope for the best, but this insulated computer case from Phoozy gives me guaranteed battery protection. I was also happy to have it for summer trips in Los Angeles, when I didn’t want my electronics to overheat. For the summer/winter digital nomad road warrior, this one is for you.

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Fuel Optics goggles with magnetic lens

Have you ever put on your reflective goggles at the start of a powder day and the clouds descend right at the top of your first run? Disaster. Riding with the wrong lenses can completely ruin your day on the mountain. And as long as mountains are mountains, you can only expect unpredictable conditions. With Fuel Optics’ quick and easy magnetic lens changes, you can be as changeable as this mountain weather. The goggles feature Cloud9 anti-fog technology and vents to control airflow. On top of all that, these ultra-wide rimless glasses are great to look at, and even better to look through! One of the most useful gifts for snowboarders.

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Ski & Snowboard Wax Kit

Every skier or snowboarder knows that a waxed and regulated board/skis are effective . any experience in the snow is better. However, at $30-40 each, it’s not cheap, especially for people who hit the slopes dozens of times a year.

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A wax kit is a great way to help you save money and time on tuning in the shop and DIY at home. It comes with all the ski gadgets and tools you need for a sharp, waxed board or skis, plus an instruction manual and all-weather wax to get you started. We love the Demon Wax Kit and use it for all of our snow adventures!

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Surprisingly underrated, but definitely on my must-have list. The right pair of socks keeps your feet warm and prevents blisters and sore feet. Trust me, you know that if you don’t have a good pair of socks by the end of the day…by then it will be too late. Avoid buying the wrong pair with these handy shopping tips:

  • Thickness – Always make sure you try your socks on with your snowboard boots before you buy them. While thick socks can be more insulating, lightweight socks are often quite good at keeping you warm and are much more breathable.
  • Material: Different fabrics have different degrees of comfort and moisture wicking properties. Synthetic materials as a whole tend to hold their shape better than natural materials like wool. For synthetic materials, I recommend those that are mostly acrylic, as they are incredibly soft and lightweight. For natural socks, there’s nothing better than merino wool, which is amazing in its warmth and breathability.
  • Wear just one pair of socks: Once you’ve bought the perfect pair, wear just one. Wearing two pairs of socks at once increases friction and pressure around the boots, leading to blisters and sore feet. Buy better quality socks if you wear two pairs of socks due to cold feet.
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