Must Have Ski Gadgets

Whether you’re a stylish skier or just eager to pick up speed, The Gentleman’s Journal has all your essentials covered for your trip to the mountains this year.

ABS Avalanche Air Bag

Cardo Packtalk Ski

Last year I had the opportunity to test drive the Packtalk Ski and was very impressed with the radio bike that has become a communication media. ski helmet. With a boom mic and awesome software that detects when you’re talking and when you’re not talking, I raced down the mountain, playing my favorite tunes through the headphones’ surprisingly good speakers (which connected to my phone via Bluetooth) and chat with my friends who could be hundreds of meters away. See the full review here.

Find the Packtalk ski on Amazon.

Ski Helmet Headphones

Teens love to listen to music while skiing or snowboarding, so make it easy with Bluetooth helmet headphones. We particularly like Outdoor Master’s affordable headphones. They are compatible with several helmet manufacturers and are some of the most affordable helmets you can find.

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If you’re looking for a teen skiing gift for someone who always likes to try new tricks on skis, consider getting them a pair of springboard skis. Springboard skis offer teens a great place to practice their tricks in a safer environment before putting their skills to the test on snow and ice. Your teenager will never be bored at home again with a pair of trampoline skis to enjoy in the backyard.

Handy Snowboard and Ski Gadgets for Slope Lovers

Every skier or snowboarder knows that a waxed and tuned board/skis enhance any snow experience. However, at $30-40 each, it’s not cheap, especially for people who hit the slopes dozens of times a year.

A wax kit is a great way to help you save money and time on tuning in the shop and DIY at home. It comes with all the ski gadgets and tools you need for a sharp, waxed board or skis, plus an instruction manual and all-weather wax to get you started. We love the Demon Wax Kit and use it for all of our snow adventures!

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1 – Air Boot Dryer

Check price on Amazon

Any skier or snowboarder will know the pain of having to put on wet socks or boots from hanging them on the radiator. gave enough time to dry.

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