Must Have Police Gadgets

Here are some examples of my favorite bonus items to add to a service platform or service bag.

Hard Case If you’re looking for a protective case for your gear, Nanuk cases are made in Canada and are military-strength. They come in a wide variety of configurations for all your needs. Whether it’s storing a cell phone, protecting sensitive evidence or equipment, or transporting firearms, Nanuk has you covered. Personally, I trust my Nanuk 935 (a tough, impact-resistant, and lightweight NK-7 resin wheeled case) to protect my workout gear while I’m on the go. They also offer military and police discounts.

Community Politics Highlights Role of Tactical Riot Gear

Duluth, Minnesota, is the perfect modern story of why riot gear is crucial to political response of a city, although there has been controversy behind this for some time before.

An important part of the discussions would have focused on how the new police team played in the protection of the public. The community and other official agencies agreed that riot gear was considered essential protection for law enforcement and the general public.

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Hand Sanitizer

Since this guide explains essential police equipment and essential items for police officers, let’s start with sanitation. It’s hard to think of a time when hand sanitizer wasn’t everywhere. In today’s world, almost everyone carries hand sanitizer. The pandemic has made sanitation a priority for many people, but the police have been doing it for years. The police meet a lot of people every day. It is important to apply hand sanitizer after touching another person, object, or vehicle. The police also carry hand sanitizer as they are on the road most of the day. Many police officers eat on the go, so it’s important to have hand sanitizer.

Another item that many police officers carry is wet wipes. Sometimes the police find themselves in literally sticky situations. It is important to have wipes to clean hands, equipment or other objects. All wipes work if they can clean a surface. Antibacterial wipes are the ideal option.

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Important for code browns and fingerprint dust.

I’ve gone through the police must-have lists and I’m pretty sure most of them weren’t written by real cops. One of them suggested using chili powder to stop the bleeding. What’s wrong with gauze, a bandage, a cloth, a T-shirt, a paper towel, duct tape, toilet paper, or a tourniquet?

Aviation Specialties Unlimited AN/PVS-14 Digital

A critical need in the LE community is robust night vision equipment. New to Aviation Specialties Unlimited is the PVS Digital Night Vision Monocular. It is a digital upgrade to the AN/PVS-14 that offers manual on/off operation, IR, and gain control for quick and easy operation. It is compact and offers one-handed operation. With a variety of features, such as an anti-corrosion aluminum battery compartment, nickel battery cover, and springs, the unit is an LE must-have. (

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