Must Have Hunting Gadgets

If you’re looking for the list of essential hunting gear you need for a successful hunt, then you’ve come to the right place. A good crossbow and a quality knife are essential for a successful hunt, but gear and additional hunting gear are just as important. Clothing is just as important as the weapon you choose and other additional items, such as a backpack or binoculars.

When you make a list of hunting gear and try it out on a few scouting trips, you’ll quickly see what you can and can’t do without. Ultimately, the gear you carry is a personal preference and can be easily adapted to a multitude of hunting situations. But when you’re looking for new hunting gear, you’ll soon discover that there are plenty of options.

Hunting Equipment List

It is important to have optimal accessories for your firearms in order to increase your chances of an ethical hunting trip. For shotguns, it’s good to invest in a good scope that can hold a good zero. This way, you can be sure that your shot will land where you want it to. A good scope can sometimes be more expensive than the rifle, so be prepared to spend some money on a proper setup. For shotguns, many accessories can be added. Specifically for a pistol like the Benelli M4, a useful accessory to add is an oversized benelli m4 charging handle from Rx Arms Solutions. If you run out of a helmet, the latch will lock. If you forget to chamber a shell and load the tube instead, you will need to push the bolt down to load the shell. An oversized carry handle can help speed up this task so you can grab your next shot.

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A knife is what every hunter should have, whether or not he needs it to skin and gut an animal. Its non-hunting applications are numerous, from cutting food and cutting rope to first aid and self defense.

OnX Hunt GPS Mobile App Subscription

Getting permission to hunt new property is one of the hardest parts of hunting, especially for new hunters. The OnX Hunt app helps solve this time-consuming process. OnX does this by displaying the property boundaries as well as the owners.

This makes it much easier to find and apply for permits to get new hunting grounds, making it one of the best gifts for hunters. This phone app works on all platforms (apple, android… etc.).

White Duck Outdoors Regatta Bell Tent

Waking up in the field saves you valuable hunting time and energy, and the White Duck Outdoors Regatta Bell Tent does just that. Bell makes it possible. It comes in 8′, 10′, 13′ and 16′ options so you can be sure White Duck has the perfect size waiting for you for your individual needs. This canvas gazebo comes with a stove plug (except Mini 8′ version) and is fire and water repellent.

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What makes this store different from the others? First, it’s made from heavyweight 8.5 oz DYNADUCK fabric that repels water, UV rays and mildew, and is reinforced with double-stitched seams and corners so you know it’s tough. Le cadre est fait de poteaux en acier galvanisé qui ne deformeront pas sous le poids de la neige abundantante, et la porte et les fenêtres sont doublees de filet anti-insectes pour empecher les bestioles d’entrer pendant que vous restez à l’aise inside. White Duck has even thought of integrating electrical outlets to charge your phone and other devices in the field.

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