Must Have Golf Gadgets

Golf is constantly changing, and that is true when it comes to equipment and technology. New products designed to improve your game using innovative technology are coming out all the time. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular and effective golf gadgets currently available below. GPS watches and wearables, swing analyzers, launch monitors, and rangefinders are just a few of the cool items on the list meant to take your game to the next level.


  • 1. Arcoss Smart Sensors – (Best Choice)

  • 2. GPS Clock 3. Callaway Golf Accessories On Course Gift Set: (Best Budget)

  • 5. Garmin R10 – (Best Personal Pitch Monitor)

  • 6. Callaway Odyssey 12ft. Indoor Practice Green – (Best Practice Green)

  • 7. Champley Premium 10′ x 7′ Golf Hitting Net

  • 8. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Slope Laser Rangefinder: (Best Rangefinder)

  • 9. Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker: (Best Golf Cart Device)

  • 10. PrideSports Golf Ball Picker – (Best Gadget for Seniors)

  • 12. DESERT FOX GOLF Phone Caddy

  • )

    13. STICKIT Golf Bag Metal Landing Pad

  • 14. SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing

  • 15. Golf Bag Accessory Attachment System Frogger Latch-It

  • 16. Callaway 4-in-1 Golf Chop Repair Tool (tixagb _4) ​​

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    17. Suncast Golf Bag Storage Rack

  • 18. XAegis GT13 Golf Brush and Towel

  • 19. Drop Not | Never lose your golf helmet again

  • 20. Golf-EZ TRI-LINE Golf Ball Alignment Kit

Where to Buy :

) Callaway Golf Pocket Ball Retriever

Designed to look like another club in your bag with a double zippered head cover, the Callaway Golf Pocket Ball Retriever is a convenient tool for any avid golfer. It has a comfortable handle and stainless steel construction. It’s constructed of a high-quality aluminum alloy so it won’t bend when fully extended. If you happen to sink your ball in the water or get it stuck in some other awkward spot, this device will help you retrieve it without any hassle.

Buy: $35

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

Improve your game even when you’re not on the green with this putting trainer to help you develop your technique. Designed to replicate the conditions you would expect to find on a real putting area, it features a curved design and hole to simulate the real thing.

You’ll know when you’ve hit a good shot, as you’ll be rewarded with the ball returned to you so you can make another practice putt, while those that miss will be tossed to the side. so you will have to go find them.


  • You need to have your phone with you
  • The app has a $99 subscription

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