Must Have Gardening Gadgets

The right garden tool for the job can make gardening easier by allowing us to get the job done with less work, putting less stress on our muscles and joints, and even allowing us to continue doing what we love to do. the seasons of life.

I love good tools, equipment, accessories, and gadgets, and I’ve learned that quality doesn’t cost, it saves money. I could fill a bucket with hand clippers, trowels, and other cheap gadgets I’ve thrown away over the years. It’s worth spending a little time researching and a little extra money on durability and labor to get tools you’ll use and enjoy for years, if not decades.

Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

If you’re struggling to keep your plants alive and want to be fully in tune with what they need to have the best chance of survival, investing in Parrot Flower Power is well worth it the cost. Available on Amazon, this potential lifesaver features a wireless sensor that monitors a plant’s humidity, temperature, light, and fertilizer levels, then transmits that information to your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth technology. It will automatically notify you if you have soil nutrition or light problems and automatically water various plant species. It monitors and waters a single plant, making it ideal for a mini indoor garden. The app also features gardening and botanical fun facts.

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Science fans will love this one, and it’ll only set you back $2.99 ​​from the iTunes Store. Compatible with iOS, the app will help you be more precise when it comes to calculations like how many square feet a bag of fertilizer will cover in your garden. You can also find the answer to garden problems, such as why your plant’s leaves have turned yellow and what nutrients you can use to fix the problem.

Gardenature Smart Birdhouse

For the tech-savvy birder, a smart birdhouse is perfect for meeting the feathered friends who call your garden home. Gardenature has a few different options, but we like the range of IP camera birdhouses, which can stream live HD video from inside the birdhouse to your phone or tablet.

Usually you’ll only need to run a single cable from the birdhouse to your router, but if you have an external power source a bit closer, in a shed or outbuilding, the company also sells line adapters power lines that can push your internet signal through your power ring network and avoid running wires across yards and patios.

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Here are the best power tools for gardening

These slippers help you a lot because you don’t have to take off your boots to get in after gardening. Your clean patio will not be covered with the mud from your shoes either.

Ensemble-cadeau Plantsmith Houseplant

La plupart d’entre nous on a développé une obsession saine pour les plantes d’intérieur ces dernières années, et les plantes succulentes, qui étaient absolutely à la mode avant 2020, sont toujours en tête de liste des plantes d’intérieur pour de nombreuses people. Even if your loved one is a seasoned gardener, we bet they probably don’t have something quite as fancy as this houseplant care set, which will help keep your plants healthy.

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