Must Have Coffee Gadgets

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For pour-over coffee lovers, these easy-to-use coffee maker bags are an essential travel item. Made with paper and filled with eight grams of single-origin ground specialty coffee, all you have to do is pour in hot water (you can measure how much water you need for the strength of coffee you like using the measurement marks on the side of the bag), let sit for five to seven minutes, and pour into a cup from the small attached spout. The bag can even be reused multiple times. Grower’s Cup and Trader Joe’s offer some of the most highly recommended bags of coffee.

Electric coffee grinder

Electric coffee grinder

First on our list of coffee accessories is the electric coffee grinder. This state-of-the-art processor from Hamilton Beach is one of the most sought after coffee appliances out there and beats all other competitors. In general, Edge CPUs require a bit of waiting to absorb information to master, but they are smaller, smaller, and a negligible part of the cost than Burr CPUs. This one has a removable grinder cartridge, making refilling your coffee box easier than ever.

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Ember Ceramic Smart Travel Coffee Mug

You’ve heard of smart cars, smart homes, and smart donkeys, but have you ever heard of smart coffee mugs? ! Ember’s Temperature Control Travel Mug is one of the coolest coffee gadgets out there.

Keeps your hot beverage at the perfect temperature from start to finish with its adjustable temperature dial on the bottom of the mug (don’t worry, you can do this via the paired app too!).


No beans, no coffee! We all have different tastes, but we generally like our coffee lightly roasted. Our analogy is that you wouldn’t buy a good steak or artisan sourdough bread only to burn it to a crisp, and the same goes for good quality coffee. Light roasting retains more of the natural flavor and less of the roasting process. Coffee, like any agricultural product, is best fresh, so look for a roast date, best not earlier. Coffee is optimal 1-4 weeks after roasting; after that, it starts to lose its nuances. There are a number of great subscription services available from roasters like Square Mile, Pact and Hasbean, but if you want different high-quality coffees from different roasters every time, we suggest The CoffeeVine.

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Coffee subscription, from The CoffeeVine (from €14 per month)

Hario TCA-3 vacuum siphon coffee maker

HARIO Technica three-cup coffee siphon, 360 ml

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