Must Have Car Gadgets

If Alexa has become a fixture in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now take the virtual assistant on the road. Simply connect Echo Auto to the Alexa app on your phone, as well as to your car’s speakers (via an aux-in jack or Bluetooth) and you’ll be able to carry out your usual commands on the go.

Whether you want to request a song, stream an audiobook, set reminders or check gas prices, you can do it with eight microphones and far-field technology designed to let you hear through music, air conditioning and in general. road noise

Antenna decorations

If your car has an antenna, you can also decorate it with a small trinket for the top. There are all kinds of fun decorations to choose from, including an adorable penguin, colorful smiley faces, beloved Disney characters, and more.

For an additional fee, you can opt for a personalized license plate with your own string of letters and numbers. Many drivers like to take this opportunity to make a joke or wink at their favorite band. Some states offer specialized picture plates to showcase professions and causes. The process is a little different in each state, so check out this guide to find out how it works where you live.

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Apple AirTag

Considering that most Apple products already offer the brand’s proprietary Find My technology, it’s worth throwing an AirTag at something that can’t track itself himself, and nothing comes to mind faster than a lost bunch of keys. Thanks to the small-scale device’s built-in speaker, finding your non-mobile devices has never been easier, providing virtually anything attached with a ringtone of its own. Sold alone or available as a pack of four, you can’t go wrong either way.

Buy: $29

Cell Phone Mount with Wireless Charging

Don’t you hate when you mounted your phone to the windshield and all you can see are wires because your phone is it running out of battery? Well, this mobile stand doubles as a wireless charger for unobstructed viewing! It’s one of those car gadgets you won’t realize you need until you get it!

What to do when your TPMS gives you warnings and you can’t find a nearby tire shop? Well, you’re using this handy little lightweight tire inflator! This inflator will take up almost no space in your car and will save you a puncture!

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Viewpets Bench Car Seat Cover

Who wants to leave their furry baby at home when she goes on vacation? A waterproof, non-slip car seat cover is just what you need to go anywhere with your pet without worrying about scratches, fur, or urine on your precious car seats. It is also one of the must-have car accessories for parents with messy kids.

We’ve all become extremely aware (and paranoid) about germs in recent years. We also learned that we can never have too much sanitizer on hand. That’s why these handy car cup holders made our list of the best car accessories. One pump before you get out of your car and another just as you get in is literally a lifesaver.

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