Must Have Bathroom Gadgets

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? It is even taboo to talk about eating in the bathroom, although we have all had to do it at some point in our lives. Whether it’s drinking coffee when you’re late for work or drinking wine in the bathtub, we’ve all been a part of it.

If you’re looking to spend some time to yourself in your bathroom, a wine glass holder is the perfect accessory. Handling a glass of wine during a bath can be quite a hassle. By using this holder, you can enjoy a glass of wine with a hot water bath and escape the worries of your stressful life.

Renpho Smart Scale

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Why settle for a regular bathroom scale when you can spend a little more for a smart bathroom scale?

Shower Speaker

Powered by water, the Ampere Store Shower Speaker is a handy bathroom accessory you can buy! With a cylindrical design, this little speaker makes big sounds! When installed in a shower head, the speaker will automatically power on/off and pair with a phone device. For $99, the Ampere store offers silver and chrome colors.

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An additional accessory that is sold separately for this bath appliance is the waterproof remote control. Easily attached to your shower speaker, the remote makes it easy to manually control music, volume, and pair devices while you shower.

Electric towel warmer

The only thing worse than realizing you don’t have a clean towel ready when you get out of the shower or bath is pulling your towel off its hook behind the door and realizing that it is not only cold, but also a little damp.

You know the feeling. Cold, spiky, and definitely won’t dry well? We have the solution: a wall-mounted electric towel rail. This device can not only heat up to 45 ̊C in just 15 minutes, but also effectively dries your used towel, making it ready for your next shower and ensuring bacteria and mold have nowhere to grow.

Shower Powered Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can connect to most other devices in your home, like your cell phone or tablet, and can help you listen to your favorite music on showering without problems.

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Some of these speakers even plug directly into the shower, being powered by the water jets, meaning you never need to recharge them.

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