24 Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Tech Gadgets 2019

Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Tech Gadgets

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This list has gift ideas for women who love tech gadgets!

If you think women are not into gadgets, think twice. There are more than enough tech gadgets that can stir the interest of women and answer to their needs as well.

If you want to impress a modern woman, it is easy to do so if you choose to give her a gadget as a gift, instead of a traditional gift.

Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Tech Gadgets

Don’t worry, as you won’t need to spend a small fortune and the gift you will offer will certainly be appreciated.

In case you’re out of gift ideas when it comes to tech gadgets for women, here is a list meant to help you out.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

A modern woman is also an active woman that does not enjoy wasting time. While an alarm clock is rather important for very many of us, we don’t particularly enjoy hearing it hit the alarm early in the morning.

So, if you want to make her mornings better and more enjoyable, you could choose to offer her this alarm clock as a gift. It is made to mimic a sunrise, promising to make wake-up calls more pleasant, no matter how the weather is outside.

A few alternatives for the Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock gift ideas:

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

Women love jewelry and that is a fact. But, this time, choose to offer her a jewelry item that is out of the ordinary. Besides having a modern design and the power to match with almost any kind of outfit, a Bellabeat Leaf is actually a tech gadget than a mere accessory. It can be used as a pendant, bracelet, or clipped onto a favorite clothing item and it will make sure to monitor one’s state of health throughout the day.

Yes, this beautiful looking yet small item is a complex gadget, capable of monitoring steps, distances, and burned calories. It can also measure and keep track of sleeping patterns, provides overviews of menstrual cycles, monitors stress levels and helps keep them at low limits with the help of breathing exercises. It can also work as a gentle alarm in the morning and warns when inactivity levels are up for too long.

A few alternatives for the Health Tracker gift ideas:

Going Places Mobile Charger

A portable mobile charger is always welcome, whether you are a man or a woman. But, this particular device was created for ladies in particular. It was an elegant design, fits inside a handbag with ease, and it comes in a nice pink color. It even says “Going Places”, for the woman that likes to be on the move.

If you know such a practical woman, giving her a chic mobile charger as a gift will be a more than inspired choice. Among all the items you can find inside a woman’s handbag, a mobile charger is one of those items that should never go missing, as she could always use a proper phone charger.

A few alternatives for the Mobile Charger gift ideas:

Google Home Hub

This particular device acts pretty much like a Virtual Assistant. It can be placed on a desk and with the help of a screen, it will provide a wide range of details. The receiver of such a gift will be able to check the weather forecast, find answers to her questions, watch videos on YouTube, get updated with the latest news, and more. And the best part is that she doesn’t even have to bother reading the displayed information. The device will read it to her, so she just needs to sit back and relax, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Another great feature is that the Google Home Hub can also be used as a music player, so she can use it to enjoy her favorite songs. Because we are talking about a smart device, after all, it can be used to control other smart devices around the house. So, whether she is passionate about technology or not, this is still a great device to offer a gift.

A few alternatives for the Google Home Hub gift ideas:

Fossil Q Goldtone Smartwatch

How about offering as a gift a watch that is smart but still looks like a regular, elegant wristwatch? There are many women that would like a watch capable of connecting to their smartphones but don’t actually enjoy the design of a smartwatch.

This is why Fossil came up with a hybrid model, which looks like a regular watch, but has the functions of a smartwatch. For women enthusiastic about smart gadgets, who also like displaying a sharp and elegant look, this watch can be the ideal gift.

So, the watch may look like an analog one on the outside, but on the inside is it equipped with smart mechanisms. It is capable of adjusting to various time zones, send notifications to a smartphone, act as an alarm clock, track fitness performances, and many other amazing features.

A few alternatives for the Fossil Smart Watch gift ideas:

Leica Sofort Instant Camera

While it is true that smartphones allow us to take photos and share them on social media instantly, a camera that can also print photos is still a nice gift. There are moments when memories are worth being kept on traditional, printed support.

It is very nice to have a scrapbook where you can store all your favorite memories and moments. Considering that this camera comes equipped with Leica lenses and has a beautiful mint color, you can be sure that it will surely transform into a beautiful gift.

A few alternatives for the Instant Camera gift ideas:

Minor II Bluetooth Headphones

Women are not too into headphones, but those passionate about technology will appreciate a pair of discreet, wireless headphones. These are high-quality wireless headphones that can work for 12 hours in a row without any need for charging.

If you know a woman who travels a lot or is constantly on the move, you can be sure that such a gift will be an inspired one. Made by Marshall, these headphones can easily turn into a woman’s best friend and are small enough to fit into the inside pocket of any bag.

A few alternatives for the Wireless Headphones gift ideas:

Conclusion – Gift Ideas for Women Loving Tech

With the help of this list, most certainly you will be able to find a tech device suitable to offer to a woman. These items are all affordable and are the kind of gifts every woman will definitely enjoy, whether she is a tech enthusiast or not. Each has the power to make life better, so you just need to pick a gift based on the particularities and personality of the woman that will receive it.

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