Best Expensive Technology Gifts

Best Expensive Technology Gifts

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Most of the holiday expense each year is spent on expensive technology gifts.

These are the kind of digital toys that are both a status symbol and useful devices. But it’s not just about getting the best and latest products, it’s about how it makes you feel or how others feel.

Last Minute Expensive Technology Gifts

That is certainly the case with the products on this list: the most expensive products worth coveting in the technological world. These items are all real, potentially fun and sure to induce a sticker shock.

Listed below are some of the expensive technological gifts you can get:

Panasonic Toughpad 4K Performance

Most of us believe that a 4K screen is only suitable for ultra-large TVs, but this tablet can do the job in 20 inches. It may not seem like something important, but this lightweight and rugged tablet (supposedly made for the business) is practically an all-in-one desktop PC running Windows. Finally, an expensive gadget you cant break. You can spend even more to get the Touchpad Stylus Pen or a stand/cradle or bag (none is included).

Jura Automatic One-Touch Coffee Machine

The Swiss manufacturer Jura makes some of the best and most advanced coffee machines in the world. This is a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine with a one-touch control panel that can produce a full repertoire of beverages, from espresso to latte macchiato. The latest generation skimmer creates foam with a beautiful, light and airy texture too. It is easy to control, thanks to its simple rotating disc that works in combination with the color LCD screen. Fortunately, it is also easy to care for, due to its integrated rinsing, cleaning and decalcification modes.

Hasselblad Medium Format DSLR Camera

The Hasselblad DSLR Camera can be incredibly expensive but is the first choice for many professionals because it has a medium-sized precision image sensor that can capture 50 megapixels shots. That’s more details than a 35mm film. Professionals also love True Focus technology, which makes it easy to get a lock on accurate focusing right across the whole image.

GRADO GS1000e Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones

If you are looking for a pair of high-quality headphones, then GRADO is the brand to turn to. The company has been producing cans with great affection for more than half a century and the GS1000e are the top-end models aimed at audio professionals. Its unique design helps massively reduce unpleasant frequency resonance, reducing distortion in the process, while its larger diaphragm leads to deeper and more satisfying bass response. The result is a natural sound stage that possibly competes with high-end speakers to enjoy hearing.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Wireless Speaker

BeoPlay A9 is a wireless speaker system that can stream audio from iOS or Android devices over Wi-Fi using DLNA or Apple AirPlay technology. The front of the speaker has a very thin aluminum lining that helps create tighter and more focused bass, while the stretched speaker grille can be removed and replaced with colored covers that better suit the decoration of your room. Do not bother looking for volume control on the back because there is none. Instead, to control the volume, simply slide your hand gently over the top and the volume will magically increase.

Thanks for reading this list of the most expensive gadgets for the rich.

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