Best Ski Gadgets

Whether you’re a stylish skier or just eager to pick up speed, The Gentleman’s Journal has all your essentials covered for your trip to the mountains this year.

ABS Avalanche Air Bag

Aleck 006

Speaking of helmet communication, here’s another solution to the problem where my friends are on the mountain. The Aleck, however, relies on an app and a Bluetooth connection to your phone, as well as cellular signals, to stay connected. This means you can chat with friends on the other side of the mountain, no problem, but you’ll need a cell signal (and a charged phone) to do so. And the new app, which will launch on Thursday, November 3, will allow you to use your Aleck 006 to communicate with anyone using the app with regular headphones, making the Aleck app the actual product here, and the Aleck headset. 006 just a convenient way to use the software. Aleck and Packtalk seem like awesome options, the Aleck with a lot more features as long as you’re okay with cellular signal limitations. It’s worth mentioning that most resorts these days have pretty decent cell coverage. I’m excited to test drive the Aleck this season and see how it holds up to expectations.

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Check the price in REI.

Cool Gadgets, Gear and Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders

Any skier or snowboarder will know the pain of having to put wet socks or boots back on because hanging them on the radiator won’t help Not done, leave them plenty of time to dry.

An air boot dryer is an essential gift that many skiers and snowboarders don’t know how to live without.

Digital Ski Monitor

Carv is a smart digital ski monitor and tracker that helps you improve your skiing in real time. This ski technology comes in the form of two insoles that go inside your ski boots and two trackers that attach to your boots and connect to the Carv app.

Templates measure 35 metrics in real time, including symmetry, balance, and direction. You can see your personal statistics in the app. The app also shows your progress and helps you improve your ski technique. The digital ski monitor gives you information in real time through the soles with more than 50 pressure and movement points. You can improve your posture, angles and techniques as you descend the slopes.

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Hydra Pack Storage Bottle

If you’ve ever been on the slopes for several hours, you know that staying hydrated is essential to staying safe and healthy. However, constantly buying water at resorts is expensive, and carrying a giant bottle of water everywhere can be a hassle.

Cue the HydraPack Stow Bottle – a collapsible water bottle that can fit in your ski jacket, giving you access to drinking water without having to carry a backpack. It’s one of the most practical ski devices we’ve found, and it can help you stay hydrated without a problem.

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