Best Luxury Goods to Buy Rich Friends

Luxury Goods to Buy Rich Friends

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It’s hard to decide what luxury goods to buy. The global demand for luxury is growing rapidly, with more than $200 billion in annual sales each year.

Consumers buy these products for a variety of reasons, including because they convey a sense of status, wealth and exclusivity.

Luxury Goods to Buy

These purchases lead others to make quick inferences about the character of the buyer (for example, successful among many others). Further, using and displaying luxury goods can elicit various feelings on the part of the user.

The following are some of the luxury goods you can buy out there:

Goût de Diamants Champagne

At $1,800,000, one thing about these luxury items is that they are everyday things that could cost an average person everything they could make in their life. For many, champagne is a luxury good even if it’s just a cheap $ 10 bottle. For those who want to splurge, they go on wine tastings to find the perfect bubbly sip. But the most luxurious of the champagnes are the French Goût de Diamants.

The champagne is a mixture of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Of course, the taste is divine, but what seals the deal is a bottle with an 18k white gold logo and a 19ct diamond in the middle. Most people throw away their bottle of wine, but not this one!

Dior Radioactive Jeans

At $600, Dior has designed a pair of jeans that every man needs. This pair of jeans are 100% cotton priced at $600 with a metallic finish that makes it look like you wrapped your legs in aluminum foil. Since the jeans themselves do not look like anything unique, besides the so-called silver called “radioactive” finish, the jeans themselves cost $ 15. For those who have a strict budget, it is better to go to the thrift store and buy little spray jeans.

Nesmuk Knife

The $40,000 knife. If you are a professional chef, you must know that knives can be expensive. The range can be as low as $200 for a basic rate, up to $500 as much, but the price continues to rise from then on. But, none top the Nesmuk Diamond Studded Chef Knife that clocks in around $40,000. Quintin Nel is a designer who wanted to create a luxurious, hand-made knife for those who need to spend an extra $40,000, so at least he managed to achieve that goal. The knife is made of Damascus steel and the handle is decorated with diamonds.

Crystal Ergoripado Vacuum

When you want to buy a new $19,000 vacuum cleaner, many people look for wireless, powerful and lightweight models. It’s also easy to see why people fell in love with the innovative Roomba, the cleaning robot that vacuums home at a scheduled time so you do not have to lift a finger. But why buy an old ugly vacuum when you can buy a vacuum cleaner with diamonds?

With a price of $18,993, the Crystal Ergoripado will have your home cleaned in a luxurious style. Sure, it’s lightweight and has brush cleaning technology, but who cares? When it is encrusted with more than 3,000 Swarovski crystals, it would be more fun to use it to show off to your friends than to clean the floor.

Gold Earbuds

Anyone who wants to listen to music in a luxurious style can buy 18-carat gold headphones for only $15,000. The headphones are handmade by a Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm. Approximately 5 weeks and 25 grams of gold are required for each piece that is going to be made, so at least you know that you are putting a lot of effort into your product.

The headphones are available in regular gold or rose gold. Whoever is walking with this in their ears, better listen to music just as great.

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