Best Luxury Brands for Millennials

Best Luxury Brands for Millennials

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Often brands are advised that a good way to get Millennials’ attention is to “defend something.”

As a group of millennials here, we can say that this is true.

Luxury Brands for Millennials

Millennials seem to admire brands with a social IQ, as many business reports seem to emphasize.

The following listed below are some of the best luxury brands for millennials.


Disney continues to be a millennial favorite after being listed among the brand’s top five brands for the third consecutive year. The company takes advantage of the nostalgia of this demographic group, an important factor among the millennials that grew up with Disney.

The company now includes Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars among its brands, all of which have significant meaning for the group. And as people get older, Millennials share many of their experiences with their young families and deepen the connection.


Streaming Video Providers Netflix is popular in a variety of age groups, but nowhere is this truer than with Millennials. This demographic is a product of the digital era and Netflix introduced its video streaming service in 2007, just as millennials began to have their best prime earning years. The technology savvy people became instant fanatics of binge watching. 53% of Netflix users indicate a degree of intimacy with the brand, the second highest average among the millennials.

Media and entertainment brands that offer escape opportunities have a special place in the hearts of millennials because distraction, control, and enjoyment are required. Coming of age during the Great Recession has also ingrained millennials with a higher level of price sensitivity than other generations which makes them more likely to cut the cable and subscribe to Netflix.


Studies support just how millennials are linked to their devices: 80% admit to reaching their phones early in the morning, 87% say that their phones never leave their side and 78% of millennials say that They use their phones for more than two hours every day. Despite the occasional misstep, Apple has a reputation for simple interfaces and superior quality.

Apple, as a company and as a brand, has long been known for the unwavering loyalty of its customers to its products, which has given customers the title of fanboys and fangirls. Many millennials entered adulthood when the first iPhone was launched in 2007, after having grown up with the iPod, which represented the perfect entry-level product.

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Millennials are the first generation focused on video streaming, and it is natural that this extends to YouTube, one of the pioneers of the genre. YouTube ranked tenth with millennials just two years ago and has made its way to the top. Through its rich content, the brand has demonstrated the ability to entertain a diverse millennial audience.

Millennials, in particular, are closely associated with media and entertainment, and YouTube manages to create a brand that meets the needs and desires of that audience.

Romeo Hunte

Romeo Hunte is a definitive androgynous approach to the style of the brand, created for all women who appreciate complex details. A contemporary luxury brand with a focus on powerful outerwear.

The vision of designer Romeo Hunte is to create modern classics with the authenticity of street fashion and traditional glamor. Romeo Hunte, one of the favorite designers of Zendaya and Beyonce ‘, brings the vibes of streetwear and athleisure to the international track.

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