Best Gadgets For Senior Citizens

We are big fans of innovative tips and products to make life easier for older people. And there is such a fantastic and wide range available. So we thought we’d round up our favourites.

The gadgets and assistive devices we’ve selected are easy to install and use, inexpensive, and available for purchase online. We’ve also tested these helpful everyday products with some of our physiotherapy clients, so we know they really do make life easier and home safer. It means peace of mind for you too!

Smart WiFi Wall Plug

Most people are familiar with smart plugs, but now you don’t necessarily have to use those bulky plugs. You can replace your wall sockets with this Smart WiFi unit.

There are so many features in this little product – I think you will love it as well as our readers!


Technologies can make our lives easier. It is also no different for older people. But we often think that older people and technology don’t mix. This is not so true! There are many better technological devices that seniors can use to live better.

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According to a 2019 Pew Research study, 73% of people age 65 and older use the internet on a daily basis. And over 53% of seniors have their own smartphone

List of super gadgets for seniors

1. Smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home

2. Remote jump starters

Tile stickers

Forgetting happens. Finding something is not guaranteed. If you love someone who often gets confused by keys getting in the way, TV remotes hiding in strange places, or other objects that like to play hide-and-seek, Tile Stickers can offer a technological solution. Once connected to the device, they can be located with an app.

The Reacher Grabber is proof that a gadget doesn’t have to be high-tech to be a lot of fun. This classic has been successfully serving seniors for decades, so it pays to buy a well-built model that will withstand frequent use. Look for a trigger that is comfortable and easy to squeeze. Also try to find a claw with rubber ends so that anything you pick up doesn’t fall off before being pulled. Also, choose a model that is strong but light enough to handle comfortably. A good plier offers the satisfaction of independence when used as a tool. Also, it can be a fun way to entertain when used for games of skill while challenging people to collect items.

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