Best Cruise Gadgets

One of our best buys! A great little organizer for all those cables, phone amplifiers, adapters and more. This electronics storage case is a favorite packing accessory for cruise ships. Keep all your chargers, SIM cards, cables and wires neatly organized in one place.

Over the Door Hanging Organizer

Cruisers are experts at making efficient use of small cabin spaces. An over the door organizer is great for storing items that you and your family will use frequently. You can hang it on your bathroom door or even use magnetic hooks to hang it on your cabin wall.

Pro tip: pack up your door organizer at home and put it in your suitcase, ready to hang. This will save you a lot of time on the day of your shipment.

Cruise basics: preparing for the cruise

Start your pre-packing stage on the right foot! These are our must-have cruise items you’ll need before you even hit the cruise.

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Having all your thoughts and plans in one place can really help you relax on your cruise vacation. If this is you, then an essential cruise item is a cruise planner. This will help you calm down on vacation.

Power strip with USB

If you only buy one cruise accessory for your trip, it should be a power strip. There are never enough plugs in the cabin to charge all our phones and other electronic devices. Most cruise cabins only have one or two plugs for the entire room!

If you bring a power supply or power strip, make sure it is not surge protected or it will be confiscated. The ships use an unearthed electrical system. Surge protection, which is a safety measure for your home electronics, is actually a fire hazard on boats.

What to Pack for a Cruise

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While you can certainly do without it, many people bring a cabin fan. Not only does it help circulate the air in the room (there are no ceiling fans in a cruise cabin), but it’s also nice to have white noise to drown out sounds while you sleep. For around $20 on Amazon, this model has two-speed settings and fits on a nightstand.

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