Best Cool Tech for Rich People

Best Cool Tech for Rich People

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This list is ridiculous but it’s filled with cool tech for rich people.

Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can certainly provide you with cool tech and gadgets.

We would be lying if we said that we have not thought about becoming super rich. Maybe if we won the lottery… what would we do if we had millions of dollars to spend on random internet tech and gadgets.

Cool Tech for Rich People

From a gold plated iPad to a television laid with diamonds, the world is full of cool technology devices that will make you feel rich.

The following products below has some cool tech for rich people, the type of tech that you should only buy if you have lots of money to waste.

Kohler Numi Toilet

This is a $6,000 toilet for the wealthy with a sense of humor. If your toilet is so attractive that it works well as artwork, you know you’ve probably paid too much for it. However, Kohler’s Numi bath throne is an unmistakably attractive latrine fixture that is absolutely full of gadgets. To begin with, the seat and cover are motion activated, warmed up so you never have to fear a cold rear, and has a built-in deodorizer. Its also light up all over, has a foot warmer and plays music.

Denon Super Receiver

This here is the mother of all receivers. The Denon AVR-X8500H is a powerful multi-room device that costs over $4,000. This receiver is designed to control the components of the home theater system and speakers. Ready and able to handle multiple HD video transmissions, the latest technology, also comes with an Ethernet port to stream music from computers throughout the house. If you can think of something you want from your home theater, this bad guy can provide it. Just try to resist the temptation to run at full speed—It might reach the point of escape velocity.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 5 Speakers

For a pair of speakers that sound great and that also shout elegantly, look at these Bang & Olufsen headphones, the BeoLab. They look like UFOs coupled to large cones, and reviewers say they sound like audiophiles sky. With each loudspeaker running at 2,500 watts of power, they can deliver a very loud volume while maintaining a clean and clear sound. B & O also boasts that the speakers sound great no matter where you are, which gives you stereo sound even if you’re standing in front of one of them. Speakers of such beauty and power, of course, have a price to match, and a pair of BeoLab 5 will cost you around $16,000.

Kaleidescape Movie Server

If you’re fed up with all the clutter in your huge DVD collection, maybe it’s time to convert all those discs into a nice digital way that saves space. The Kaleidoscape movie server system, which starts at approximately $27,000, is a multimedia server that stores all your movies and music! Allowing you to access them from any number of players you can set up in your home. All you have to do is have one or two base servers (depending on the size of your collection), a loader that digitizes all your gestures and the number of players you want to distribute through your connected villa. Even if you do not have a large DVD collection, Kaleidoscope has it covered: you can request that your server is preloaded with selected movie collections.

Dry Water Jet Massager

When you are rich and work hard, you also need the best massager that money can buy to rest and relax. This massager can give you the latest water jet massage for the entire body without even getting you wet. Using the principles of shiatsu, it is equipped with energizing water streams and 28 water nozzles for accuracy. It has the shape of a capsule, and you have to put it inside. However, if you pay $30,000 for this massager, you also get an LCD TV with a DVD player.

Robby the Robot

We have all dreamed of our own $32,000 robot assistant, and although this friendly face will only be recognizable to old school science fiction fans, it is definitely an impressive tribute. Straight from Forbidden Planet, Robby can be all yours, all seven feet of him. This fiberglass beauty moves its head, turns its scanners and even speaks at the notice of a remote control. Of course, it’s incredibly expensive, but it’s also incredibly cool.


Sure, you could get a 50-inch TV. That would be good, but anyone can enter Best Buy and pick up one, which makes it lose its charm. Also, only 50 inches? You’re super rich. You can do better than that. The $3000 LG 86″ LED TV should satisfy your large screen desires.

This technology is a behemoth, so you’ll need a gigantic wall and a couple of hired guys to install it, but once it’s on your wall, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a movie theater. Come to think of it, you’ll need a room as big as a movie theater to put it in, but if you can afford a $70,000 TV, you are rich and that’s probably not a problem.

Flying Car

Not in the mood for a Hoverboard or you do not know how to ride it? Do not worry, just drop another $350,000 and buy a flying car. It is a hybrid of three wheels for automobile/motorcycle that can travel up to 110 miles per hour on the road. When you fly this car, it flies at a speed of 220 miles per hour. How to take it from the road to the sky? Just stop and, in a few minutes, your car will be converted to an airplane and it will be ready to take off. Of course, since it is a part airplane, you will need to have a pilot’s license for it, and you can not be afraid of heights either.

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