Best Boat Gadgets

In this article we will talk about the best boat accessories that you should have on your boat. We will also explain what they are and why you should have these marine supplies on your boat.

Inflatable pool

You’re going to love this one. With an inflatable pool, you can swim in a pool, in the ocean. You read that right, it seems pointless, but it’s a lot of fun and brings your friends together in one place. It is even very fashionable! Rent a boat and have fun with this boat accessory!

Walking on water. This is the purpose of the giant water mat. You can even play with your friends, push everyone and try to be the last one standing. If you decide to bring one on your next yacht charter, be sure to take a cool photo of yourself walking on the water!

Our Best Boating and Navigation Gadgets

We love a good waterproof dry bag. The first time we traveled around the world as children, we started in Kolkata, India. On the second day of our year-long trip, we got caught in the biggest monsoon downpour I’ve ever seen. Our pathetic “waterproof” covers for our backpacks were useless. The streets were knee-deep in rainwater and we were completely drenched within minutes. Sadly, so did our passports, our money, and every plane ticket for an entire year of traveling around the world. What a pair of numpties! Just a plastic ziplock bag would have done the trick!

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We no longer made this mistake. After that we carry small waterproof bags with important documents and cash safely. And even better, we carry a 20-liter waterproof bag with a shoulder strap. It folded neatly into our large bags and we take it out for trips to the beach, diving and snorkeling trips, boat trips or just when we’re somewhere tropical and in the sun, monsoon and need to keep things dry.

West Marine Flip Lock Drain Plug

West Marine Lock Drain Plug Courtesy of West Marine Shop Now

If you’ve ever forgotten to put the plug in, then you know what to do sense to have some drain plugs on hand.

EVERSPROUT Telescopic Grapple


A grapple can help you moor and unhook. They are meant to help you get your boat closer to a dock or moorings. Therefore, you can embark or disembark in complete safety.

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